ACOM 2S1 | Automatic XCVR Commutator

ACOM 2S1 | Automatic XCVR Commutator

The ACOM2S1 is a TX/RX commutator that allows two transceivers to use a common load.

It guards each transceiver’s input while the other transceiver transmits, prevents simultaneous transmission, and allows
simultaneous reception.

ACOM2S1 is especially designed to complete the ACOM2000S/SW automatic antenna selector (plus ACOM2000SW remote antenna switch) and the ACOM2000A automatic HF linear amplifier.

Nevertheless, it may be used to commutate an antenna only, or can be adapted in other systems, too.

Operation is fully automatic and the full break-in (QSK) mode is standard.


  • Frequency Coverage: All amateur bands 1.8-54MHz.
  • Through-line Power: up to 200W PEP or continuous carrier.
  • Input and Output Impedances: - 50 Ohm nominal, unbalanced, UHF (SO239) type connectors. - VSWR below 1.1:1 (1.8-54MHz); below 1.2:1 up to 80MHz.
  • Power Supply: 11-14 VDC, less than 30mA consumption.
  • Size & Weight (operating): W110mm x D42mm x H67mm, 350g, incl. cables (4-1/3”W x 1-2/3”D x 2-2/3”H, 0.8Lbs).
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0...+50 deg. Celsius.


  • T/R System: QSK mode capable.
  • Protections: - one transceiver’s input is grounded while the other transceiver transmits; - simultaneous transmission is prevented; - T/R sequencing and RF relay contacts are continuously monitored.

Storage and Shipment

  • Storage environments: the commutator can be kept packed in dry and ventilated unheated premises without chemically active substances (acids, alkalis etc.) in the following climatic environment: - Temperature range: -40 to +70 deg. Celsius; - Humidity: up to 75% @ +35 deg. Celsius.
  • Shipping Size and Weight: W200mm x D150mm x H70mm, 450g (8”W x 6”D x 2-3/4”H, 1Lbs)