Technical News

New Firmware for ACOM 500S, 600S, 700S, and 1200S Amplifiers  |  19-Feb-2024

We, the ACOM company, announce the availability of new firmware versions for our solid-state amplifiers as follows: All firmware versions are available to our customers free of charge and can be downloaded from the corresponding product pages (the links above).

    We highly recommend updating your ACOM solid-state amplifier with the above firmware.
    Please follow the firmware update instructions described in your amplifier User's Manual.

There are many improvements in the firmware, but one cannot go unmentioned:
Active automatic dissipated power protection.
This protection is highly complicated to implement (as a hardware and software solution), but ACOM spared no time and money, and it is now available to our customers.
We proudly call this ACOM Customer Care.


Helpful Tools for Firmware Update

To start the firmware update procedure a PC with RS-232 interface is needed. Nowadays, most computers do not have a built-in RS-232 interface and this creates a problem.

But, fortunately, you are an ACOM customer and we have a solution. Currently, all computers have a couple of USB ports. So, you need a USB to RS-232 interface converter.

Below are shown two devices (interface converters) tested and approved by ACOM for use with our amplifiers:
  • USB (Type-C connector) to RS-232 (Serial, 9-pin, D-sub male connector), 1 m cable, USB 2.0 standard;
  • USB (Type A connector) to RS-232 (Serial, 9-pin, D-sub male connector), 1 m cable, USB 2.0 standard.


For current prices and availability, get in touch with our Customer Service Department | Technical Support Team directly.

Company Statement About GU74B Tube Availability  |  01-Dec-2023

According to our company's politics for transparency, we want to share important information about the future of our well-proven tube-based amplifiers ACOM 1010, 1000, and 2000A. These amplifiers, built upon the GU74B tube from Russia, face a shift in their sourcing due to prevailing political and economic circumstances. Regrettably, the use of Russian tubes in our amplifiers is no longer possible, owing to EU restrictions on imports.

There is no cause for concern. We have good news, and the future of our amplifiers is bright.
We worked hard in the last two years, and now we have a NEW ACOM 4CX800A tube – a 100% identical replacement of the GU74B.


Starting from January 1st, 2024, we take profound satisfaction in production the amplifier models 1010, 1000, and 2000A exclusively with these NEW ACOM 4CX800A tubes. We strongly encourage you to take prompt action and seize the opportunity to place an order for your new amplifier today.
Also, starting January 1st, 2024, we will only offer our NEW ACOM 4CX800A tube as a spare part and a replacement for a GU74B tube.

The new tubes ACOM 4CX800A are produced in China by our long-time supplier and producer of 4CX1000A tubes. ACOM invested a significant amount of money to develop our tube testing processes and special tube testing measuring equipment. All new tubes are tested in the factory with the ACOM's developed and manufactured equipment to our quality and technical requirements.

For current prices, kindly refer to our esteemed dealers or get in touch with our Customer Service Department | Technical Support Team directly.

Thank you for choosing ACOM products!