As we always strive to constantly improve and update our products, ALL PRODUCTS, PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS, AND DATA ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. ACOM reserves the right to make changes and improvements at any time without further notice or obligation to notify any person or organization of such revisions or changes, made in order to improve the reliability, function, quality and design, and/or performance of the ACOM products and services.

ACOM company creates and distributes its documentation in ENGLISH language only. Any translations in other languages made by our dealers, partners, distributors, etc. cannot be related to ACOM company in any way. ACOM is not liable for non-English documentation correctness in any way.

The ACOM products' User's Manuals are available as PDF files only. The latest versions of the User's Manuals are available for download for free.

How to find your User's Manual? Please follow the procedure below:

  • Select Products menu;
  • Select product group, i.e. Amplifiers;
  • Select product model, i.e. ACOM 1200S;
  • Select Download tab. Now you can download the needed information for your ACOM product.


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