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ACOM service and support: Competence at your side

The ACOM Technical Support Team provides professional, individualized support for ACOM end users and dealers throughout the life cycle of our products. A global service team of qualified ACOM dealers is ready to help you.

Dear ACOM Enthusiasts and Admirers,

When you need support, please follow our work rules as described below. This will help us to support you competently, reliably, and as fast as possible.

Please use the English language only for communication.

We can not support you in any other language, as well as we can not guarantee that we will answer your non-English requests.

Rule Nr. 1
If you need technical assistance, you should contact your local dealer first.
If necessary, your dealer will contact ACOM for additional guidance.


Rule Nr. 2
If you still have an issue you need to discuss with one of ACOM's specialists, please fill out our
Technical Support Request Form.
This step is mandatory upon first contact with ACOM staff.

For follow-up contacts, you can email to our Customer Service Department
Technical Support Team.

Rule Nr. 3
Including the ACOM equipment's model name, serial number, and a detailed problem description in your service assistance request is mandatory.
Without this information, we cannot proceed with your request, or the proceeding will take longer.

Where to find the ACOM model name and serial number?
Every ACOM product features an ID (identification) label/plate. On this label, you can find data identifying the device:

  • Model designation - The model designation is the name of the device;
  • Serial Number - Most products have their own serial number.

The serial number is a consecutive number for unique identification of products with the same model designation. It serves to ensure traceability of a product after it has been put in circulation, e.g., to find the date of invoice that is required to determine guarantee and warranty periods. The term serial number is mostly abbreviated to SN or S/N.

Detailed problem description and e-mail attached files
Detailed problem description is crucial for successful support. Include in your service assistance request as much as possible information:

  • Pictures of the product's screen showing menus MEASURE and/or SERVICE
    (for amplifiers model 500S, 600S (discontinued), 700S, 1200S, 2020S, and 2000A)
  • Images of the product's front panel (and screen) showing trip signatures
    (for amplifiers model 1000, 1500, and 2100)
  • Pictures of the product's front panel showing statuses in SERVICE mode
    (for amplifiers model 1010, and 1011 (discontinued))
  • Images of problem electronic boards, parts, etc.
  • Videos of the product's screen and front panel during operation, and the error messages' appearance, etc.
  • Model designation - The model designation is the name of the device;
  • Serial Number - Most products have their own serial number.

Measure and Service menus

Please note the maximum size of the e-mail attached files is 20 MB.
To exchange bigger files, use other services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

Rule Nr. 4
If you send products for repair, please use the shipping address and transport label below.

Bozhurishte 2227
Sofia-Bozhurishte Industrial Park
6 Valeri Petrov Str.
(Building VOLACOM)
Attn: Customer Service Department
   Technical Support Team
   Tel.: +359 2 920 9780

ACOM shipping address label Download the shipping address label | PDF file

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