ACOM 1200S | Solid-State 1.8-54 MHz Linear Amplifier

ACOM 1200S | Solid-State 1.8-54 MHz Linear Amplifier

The ACOM 1200S is a state-of-the art linear power amplifier that covers all amateur bands from 1.8 through 54 MHz and provides 1000 W output power (PEP or continuous carrier) with less than 50 W of drive. The amplifier operating information is shown on a multi-functional, high resolution color display.

Easy to operate
The overall operation of ACOM 1200S is extremely simplified: the screen menus are intuitive and easy to follow, no special skill is required from the operator when changing frequency bands.

User-friendly automatic control
When connected to a transceiver with CAT capability, the amplifier will track the operating frequency, and will change bands accordingly. Even if not CAT connected, the amplifier monitors the input signal frequency through the built-in frequency counter and automatically switches bands.

High resolution color display
All amplifier status indications are explained via detailed text displayed on the 5" high resolution color display (108x65 mm, 800x480 pixels, and 24-bit color).

Compatible with all transceiver models - does not need any special signals: "ground on transmit" and less than 50 W of RF drive power is sufficient.

LDMOS transistor technology
Тhe final PA stage uses a rugged LDMOS transistor - BLF188XR or equivalent.

Broadband input circuit
Broadband input circuit, providing a perfect transceiver load with SWR below 1.2 (typically 1.1), without retuning throughout the whole frequency range from 1.8 to 54 MHz.

Takes care of itself during operation via continuously working protection circuits in all modes. The operator can monitor more than 10 parameters of the amplifier in operation.

Easy maintenance
Detailed data (55 parameters) about each of the last 28 hard-fault protection trips is stored in the amplifier's memory.

Remote control capabilities
Controlled remotely via the Internet by the ACOM eBox Ethernet Remote Control device (optional equipment) and through an RS-232 port.

Compact and lightweight construction
Convenient for expeditions and field operation due to the extremely compact and lightweight construction and the built-in switching-mode power supply (SMPS) that operates with extended mains voltage range of 100-240 VAC (output power reduced to about 500 W PEP below 200 VAC), with no internal switch over. The consumed current is purely sinusoidal, Power Factor Corrected (PFC) and inrush limited. This makes the operation from unstable mains and generators easy and trouble free.

Electromagnetic compatibility
Perfect electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) with both highly sensitive devices and the powerful devices in the radio station (receivers, computers, other amplifiers) exceeding the standard EMC requirements due to the used PFC and built-in radio-frequency filters.

The User's Manual is available as a PDF file only. The latest version of the User's Manual is available under the Download tab (see above).

Standard Frequency Coverage

  • All amateur bands from 1.8 through 54 MHz:
    • 1.800 - 2.000 MHz (160 m band)
    • 3.500 - 4.000 MHz (80 m band)
    • 5.020 - 5.455 MHz (60 m band)*
    • 7.000 - 7.300 MHz (40 m band)
    • 10.100 - 10.150 MHz (30 m band)
    • 14.000 - 14.350 MHz (20 m band)
    • 18.068 - 18.168 MHz (17 m band)
    • 21.000 - 21.450 MHz (15 m band)
    • 24.890 - 24.990 MHz (12 m band)
    • 28.000 - 29.700 MHz (10 m band)
    • 50.000 - 54.000 MHz (6 m band)*
  • (*) Please, refer the applicable regional band plans and laws for specific allocations and limitations;
  • In specific business cases, extensions or changes of the frequency coverage can be discussed, but this must be agreed upon before ordering. In any case, this is not the producer's obligation and can not be against local rules and laws.

Rated Output Power

  • 1000 W ±0.5 dB, PEP or continuous carrier, without mode limitation;

Intermodulation Distortion (IM3)

  • Better than 31 dB below rated PEP;

Harmonic and Parasitic Emissions Output Suppression

  • Better than 60 dB (65 dB typically);

Input and Output Impedances

  • Nominal value: 50 Ohm unbalanced, UHF (SO-239) type connectors;
  • Input circuit: Broadband, SWR below 1.2 (1.1 typically), 1.8-54 MHz continuous range without retuning or switching;
  • RF bypass path: SWR - below 1.1, 1.8-54 MHz;
  • Acceptable SWR at the output load (the antenna): up to 3 with proportional power reduction and up to 1.5 for full output power;

RF Power Gain

  • 14 dB ±1 dB (typically 40 W for 1000 W output power);

Mains Power Supply Voltage

  • 100-240 VAC, ±10%, 50-60 Hz, Single phase;
  • Below 200 VAC the output power is reduced to 500 W;

Mains Power Consumption at Full Output Power

  • Power factor of 0.95 or higher;
  • Up to 2100 VA at rated output from 200/240 VAC mains supply;
  • Up to 1100 VA at 500 W output from 100/120 VAC mains supply;

Mains Power Consumption in Low Energy (Waiting) Mode

  • Less than 1 VA;

Receive / Transmit Control

  • KEY-IN - Phono RCA connector
    • Voltage applied to the transceiver keying output - up to +12 V;
    • Closed-circuit current flow to the transceiver keying output - up to 6 mA;
  • KEY-OUT - open-drain Phono RCA connector
    • Output resistance: not more than 120 Ohm;
    • The maximum allowable open-circuit voltage coming from external devices connection: +50 V;
    • Maximum allowable closed-circuit current flow by external devices: 20 mA;
  • Minimum required time of sequencing between sending a request for transmitting (KEY-IN "ground on transmit" signal) and applying RF drive power at RF INPUT connector for safely switching receive to transmit: 10 ms.

Safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility

  • Complies with CE safety and electromagnetic compatibility requirements, as well  as with the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations;

Size & Weight (operating, excluding connected cables and opened tilt foot bar)

  • WxDxH: 372x418x162 mm, 16 kg (14.7x16.5x6.4 inches, 35.3 lbs.);

Shipping Size & Weight

  • WxDxH: Approx. 620x580x380 mm, 20.0 kg (24.5x22.9x15.0 inches, 44.1 lbs.);
  • Please, contact us for shipment details;

Operating environments

  • Temperature range: -10 to +40 degrees Celsius (14 degrees F to 104 degrees F);
  • Relative air humidity: up to 95% @ +35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees F);
  • Height above sea level: up to 3050 m (10000 ft) without output deterioration.

There are several individual purchase options available:

  1. ACOM 06AT | Automatic Antenna Tuner and Switch
  2. ACOM 04AT | Remote Automatic Antenna Tuner and Switch
  3. ACOM eBox | Ethernet Remote Control Device
  4. Coffee/tea mug :-)

    1 & 2  |  The ACOM 04AT and 06AT automatic antenna tuners with four-way antenna switches are designed to work with our transistor (solid state) amplifier series, including the ACOM 1200S.
    Using the ACOM 06AT or 04AT with an ACOM 1200S amplifier is highly recommended.
    3  |  Remote control of ACOM 1200S is provided by ACOM eBox Ethernet remote control device.
    4  |  The ACOM coffee/tea mug is your amp's most important option.
    This is the only guarantee for successful DXing and a happy life :-)